Logging into the GFA Shop 

Your username is the numeric part of your membership number, and the password has been set to your date of birth in the form YYYYMMDD - so if your DOB is 10th June 1981, your password is 19810610.  

If you have a membership number below 10000, your username doesn't have the leading zero - so if your number is M-09876 then your username is 9876.  If in doubt, the "Forgot my Password" and "Forgot my Username" options will also work, and perhaps save you a call to the office.

You don't have to log in at the time you start to use the shop, because we only need to know who you are when you go to the checkout.  But you can if you wish.

Once you are logged in, you can use the Members Control Panel to manage your password and track your orders.

If you have joined GFA since July 2015 and this is your first visit, you should create a new account in the shop.  If you are an existing member, you will already have one.


Please note that you can't join or renew membership using the GFA shop.  Easier and more direct methods are available by clicking HERE

There is a new and simpler way to buy Annual Inspection (Form 2) documentation kits.  It is available in the MyGFA menu, just click the link and enter your membership number and date of birth to access.

Many thanks

The GFA Office and Staff